Orange Corners celebrates female entrepreneurship

Did you know that of our 1,781 alumni, nearly half is female? Combining roles as mothers, wives and entrepreneurs isn’t always easy for female entrepreneurs. But plenty of women in our network somehow make it happen, and as Orange Corners we try to support them the best we can. With tailor-made training for example, or by connecting them to female role models.

We mark International Women’s Day next week with a week full of stories about strong women from our network.

Huda Sarhang – Lala Candles (Kurdish Region, Iraq)
Adja Sembene & Seynabou Fall – Contanna & Soxna Cosmetics (Senegal)
Shary Lima – Orange Corners DRC
Mariam Lawani – Greenhill Reycling (Nigeria)

Still got some time left? Read on!
Petra Beris – TransitionHero and Engineers Without Borders (the Netherlands)
How young entrepreneurs can benefit from Intersectional Feminist Leadership
Personal Development Coach Loubna Lasry (Sports Orange Corners, Morocco)
Nayera – Nero Puppets (Egypt)
Sara Fakir – Orange Corners Mozambique
Majd Khalifa – Orange Corners Palestinian Territories
Break the Bias in Leadership: the influence of the media

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