Knowledge to Knowledge (K2K)

The Orange Corners implementing partners, as well as the incubatees, are often very well connected to local universities. These connections offer us the opportunity to discuss the importance of good education and training in order to improve the prospects of youth. This has allowed us to set up several Knowledge to Knowledge (K2K) programmes, in which we connect Dutch experts and entrepreneurial expertise to knowledge institutes in the countries that we operate in. The K2K programme contributes to making sure the education of today meets the requirements of the job market tomorrow.

Our K2K programmes have three layers of interventions. Firstly, we co-create new, more practical entrepreneurship education, integrating Dutch state-of-the art expertise and local insights. This includes incoming missions where ministers of education, deans, professors and teachers are able to visit and learn from their counterparts in the Netherlands. Secondly, we organise student ambassador events so that students are exposed to practical stories and experiences of local role models. Thirdly, we work closely together with local ministries of education to facilitate the integration of the newly developed courses nationwide.

During the last two years we have seen an increased interest of Dutch knowledge institutes towards Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Orange Corners can offer academia and student groups a local physical space where they can work from and exchange knowledge with peers. In the past years we have worked together with TU Delft, VU Amsterdam and Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship on K2K-programmes.

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