General enquiries

Please send us an email to [email protected] if you have any questions about the Orange Corners programme.

Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint about the (local) Orange Corners programme? Have you already discussed it with the local implementing partner but were you not able to find a satisfiable solution? Or is there another reason why you don’t want to or can’t discuss this complaint with the local implementing partner?

Via the form below, you can file your complaint along with your contact details. We emphasise that all contact details and content of the complaint will be filed confidentially. After the complaint is filed, it will be read by the programme coordinator of the Orange Corners HQ (or in case the coordinator is out of office, a selected senior programme advisor), who will discuss the complaint with the Orange Corners HQ advisor of the programme in question. We aim to respond within 5 working days by email, to discuss the cause of the complaint and try to resolve it to your satisfaction. Depending on the nature of the complaint we will discuss it with the parties involved, and attempt to find a satisfiable solution. The handling of the complaint will not happen without the knowledge and approval of the complainant.

Complaint regarding sexual abuse, exploitation or harassment (SEAH)

In case your complaint concerns an issue of sexual abuse, exploitation or harassment (SEAH), we offer the opportunity to instead file a complaint directly with the confidante of Orange Corners HQ, Ms Ebelien Zweers, via [email protected]. She will read the complaint and similarly aim to respond within 5 working days by email, to discuss the cause of the complaint and try to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Complaint about an Orange Corners HQ employee

If a complaint concerns one of the Orange Corners HQ employees, it is possible to contact directly the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) via the following link: Filing a complaint | You will read more about the procedure regarding filing such a complaint via this above link.


We request to submit the complaint via the aforementioned webform, in English. This way we can gather all complaints in a single location for future reference. If there are concerns regarding accessibility of the webform, you can send an email to the Orange Corners HQ programme coordinator, Erik Parigger, via [email protected].

We can then discuss an appropriate solution, for instance by receiving the complaint by email or during a telephone conversation.

If there are concerns regarding submitting the complaint in English, we invite the complainant to submit the complaint in the language they feel comfortable with. The team at Orange Corners HQ also has French and Arabic speakers, and for any other languages we will look to respond with a comprehensible message with the help of translation services. If a follow-up conversation is suggested during this process, we will look to enlist the help of colleagues who can help translate during the conversation (with prior approval of the selected translator by both parties).

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