Orange Corners Innovation Fund (OCIF)

The Orange Corners Innovation Fund (OCIF) is an additional programme to Orange Corners. It aims to stimulate innovation and improve access to finance for entrepreneurs in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Currently OCIF is active in 9 Orange Corners hubs. It consists of 2 tracks.

Track 1:

  • Is available to most entrepreneurs of the OC incubation cohort in the OCIF countries;
  • Is granted as a prototype voucher and monthly allowance;
  • Is up to €5.000,- per entrepreneur

Track 2:

  • 3-5 entrepreneurs are selected at the end of a cohort by means of a pitch competition, assessed by an expert jury;
  • Gives access per entrepreneur to a maximum amount of €50.000 startup seed funding, consisting out of partly a grant and partly a loan;
  • Offers besides seed funding, further business development support for a period of 12 – 18 months.
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