Our approach

What we do

Orange Corners supports young entrepreneurs with growing their businesses through our incubation and acceleration programmes. Furthermore, we also run several programmes that are focused on strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem, involving education, policy making and skills building.

How we do it

Each Orange Corners programme is initiated by our local embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We seek out partnerships with stakeholders of the local startup ecosystem, such as incubators, local, Dutch and international companies and established knowledge institutes. Collectively, we form a vibrant and diverse network of actors that launches various programmes to support starting entrepreneurs.

Why we do it

Nearly 75% of the African population and more than 60% of the Middle Eastern population is under the age of 35. Many of these young people are unemployed – in some countries up to 50%. As the population of Africa and the Middle East continues to grow rapidly, youth unemployment is an increasing socioeconomic challenge. Entrepreneurship is an impactful solution to this challenge.

What we offer entrepreneurs

  • Training sessions

  • Positive environment

  • Business development support

  • Investment

  • Events and master classes

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