Government to Government (G2G)

Young entrepreneurs and their startups benefit greatly from a well-functioning ecosystem. The quality of the ecosystem can be vastly improved by having well-developed, context-specific policies in place. These policies, specifically for startups, are referred to as a Startup Act. Developing a Startup Act leads to the systemic change that Orange Corners is proud to support. The Startup Act sets out the legal framework, fiscal incentives, and access to markets, finance and support for startups and founders. A well-developed Startup Act also has the ability to boost collaboration in the ecosystem and attract investments.

Not only have we managed to set up a Startup Act in DRC, but also Orange Corners has piloted in Iraq and KRI is the development of a Roadmap2Startup Act. This assessment and visualisation of the process young entrepreneurs have to follow to register their company functions as a starting point to assess the startup policy landscape and address improvements vis a vis the local government. This can lead to the development of a comprehensive Startup Act.

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