An initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Orange Corners Bangladesh taps into the potential of Bangladeshi youth, equipping them with skills, finances, and resources to enable them to turn their smart ideas into sustainable businesses. The Orange Corners programme in Bangladesh is divided into three phases: Pre-Incubation, Incubation, and Post-Incubation.

The Pre-Incubation phase engages Bangladeshi youth to participate in solving local challenges and is designed to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among students through the campus coordinator programme, university-based events, and hackathons.

The Incubation phase is designed to attract, select, and train early-stage entrepreneurs through intense capacity-building and mentorship initiatives. The 6-month long Incubation programme equips young entrepreneurs, aged 18-35 years, with skills, funding, and resources to start and grow sustainable businesses – specifically ones that contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and address the local challenges of Bangladesh. Selected teams in the Incubation programme will receive training, coaching, masterclasses, networking and opportunities to receive match funding up to 5,000 euros.

The Post-Incubation phase is designed to enable the top graduates of the Incubation programme to become eligible to access funding up to 50,000 euros and take their enterprises to the next level so that they can raise funding from VCs and other investors.

What Orange Corners can offer you

  • Skills development

    Orange Corners offers both collective and individual workshops on the different stages of creating a social enterprise

  • Coaching and mentoring

    The programme provides a personal development week, collective workshops in soft skills, and mentoring for young entrepreneurs

  • Personalised follow-up

    There is an advisory board (strategic committee) and collective support available to help entrepreneurs as they develop their businesses

  • Events and networking

    Participants can attend professional meetings and events organised by the incubators to help them connect with other entrepreneurs and potential investors

  • Accommodation and domiciliation

    Entrepreneurs can access the incubator space and receive a reduced price for commercial domiciliation to help them establish their businesses

  • Funding

    Successful entrepreneurs in the programme will have the opportunity to access funding up to 50,000 euros and take their enterprises to the next level so that they can raise funding from VCs and other investors

  1. Pre-Incubation

    We support Bangladesh youth to participate in solving local challenges, and encourage young people aged 18-35 years, especially aspiring women entrepreneurs and innovators, through multiple initiatives such as Ideation challenges, PowHER events, and Campus Coordinator programme.  

  2. Incubation

    Our Incubation programme is for young Bangladeshi entrepreneurs – with a key focus on female founders – aged under 35 years, who are solving local challenges that contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals. We support startups and SMEs with capacity-building through training sessions, masterclasses and mentorship, pro-bono office space, and opportunities for networking and funding for up to 5,000 euros during this phase. 

  3. Post-Incubation

    Upon successful completion of the Incubation programme, the top graduates who meet all eligibility criteria will have the opportunity to apply for funding up to 50,000 euros and take their enterprises to the next level so that they can raise funding from VCs and other investors.


  • What does the programme offer?

    • Skills development: collective and individual workshops on the stages of the creation of social enterprises
    • Coaching and mentoring: personal development week, collective workshops in soft skills, mentoring
    • Personalised follow-up: advisory board (strategic committee), collective creativity workshops (hold-up), bi-monthly monitoring, etc
    • Events and networking: regular events for networking and relationship building
    • Accommodation and domiciliation: access to the incubator space, and subsidised price for commercial domiciliation
    • Funding: opportunity to access funding up to 50,000 euros and take their enterprises to the next level so that they can raise funding from VCs and other investors
  • When can I apply?

    Applications for the Campus Coordinator Programme open annually. The next Cohort will start in early 2025.
    Applications for the Ideation Challenge open twice a year. Applications for the Incubation programme open twice a year. Applications for Cohort 3 are now open and will close in May 2024.

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  • How can I apply?

    You can apply by clicking on our application form for the Incubation Programme at the top of this page.

  • Am I eligible to apply to the incubation programme?

    The Incubation programme is open to young entrepreneurs aged between 18 – 35 years.

    The Incubation programme is open to:

    • Early-stage enterprises that have not received significant funding or traction till date, and invites for-profit businesses, not-for-profit businesses, registered and unregistered businesses to apply.
    • Successful applicants have a strong founding team with the necessary skills and expertise to execute the business plan, with at least one female member as a co-founder or in a leadership position.
    • The programme is open to both startups with scalable business models and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all business sectors.
    • Applicants must be fully committed to the 6-month long Incubation programme, and should attend all training sessions, masterclasses, workshops, meetings, etc. Inability to participate in mandatory sessions for any reason will prevent teams from meeting eligibility criteria for funding support or graduating from the programme.
  • Is the programme open to other cities outside of Dhaka?

    Yes, the Incubation programme invites entrepreneurs from all over Bangladesh to apply; however, the Selection Boot Camps and Incubation programme activities will be held in Dhaka which all selected teams will be expected to attend.

  • When does the programme start?

    The Incubation programme for Cohort 3 will start in July 2024.

  • How will I know if I am selected?

    Applicants will be contacted via e-mail after the application review process.

  • What are the costs of participation?

    There are no application fees required for this programme. However, any costs incurred by participants to engage in the Incubation programme such as commute, connectivity, etc. will have to be borne by programme participants.

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