Orange Corners Sudan is the place where aspiring young Sudanese entrepreneurs get the opportunity to take a step ahead in their path to success. You will have access to everything you need to transform your dream into reality. At Orange Corners Sudan you will discover the potential in you and your business idea to redefine the future. You will gain more self-confidence, access to the knowledge, tools and resources to leverage your business idea. You will be connected to a network of entrepreneurs, the market, potential investors and new opportunities.

What Orange Corners can offer you

  • Skills development

    Collective and individual workshops on the stages of the creation of social enterprises

  • Coaching and mentoring

    Personal development week, collective workshops in soft skills, mentoring

  • Personalised follow-up

    Advisory board (strategic committee), collective

  • Events and networking

    Professional meetings, events organised by incubatees

  • Working space

    Co-working space vouchers for our hubs in Sudan

Application process

  1. Online application

    The application form becomes available on our website prior to the beginning of each six-month cycle. Fill in all required fields and submit via the online application form submit button. Please make sure to check your inbox regularly to see if you are one of the 50 selected semi-finalists.

  2. Bootcamp

    The 50 semi-finalists will be invited to participate in a 2-months incubation bootcamp with digital learning and coaching.

  3. Selection

    Selection will be conducted according to your commitment and achievements during the first two months. The best 35 will continue four more months with us, getting eligible for the Orange Corners Innovation Fund and upscale their business.


  • What is the Orange Corners Sudan incubation programme?

    Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Implemented by 249Startups in collaboration with leading private sector companies. The programme aims to develop and strengthen
    the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan by providing a 6-month incubation programme that offers the necessary opportunities, skills, and access to markets to enable the youth to strengthen their
    business concepts and become successful entrepreneurs.

  • Does the programme provide financial support?

    The Orange Corners incubation programme does not provide financial support. However, we collaborate with the Orange Corners Innovation Fund. Each Orange Corners incubatee is eligible to receive funding of up to 5,000 Euro during the incubation programme. Additionally, each graduate of the Orange Corners incubation programme is eligible for further access to growth funding of up to 50,000 Euro. At the same time, Orange Corners Sudan serves as a bridge between these innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector, which offers a great benefit to all partners involved.

  • What are the eligibility criteria?

    • Reside in Sudan, encompassing all states, or if you’re currently outside Sudan but eager to contribute to the nation’s agricultural system and willing to return.
    • Age between 18 and 35 years old.
    • Have proven experience or an academic background in the agricultural chain sector, or the startup field.
    • Having a business operates in the agriculture value chain, such as production, processing, transportation, logistics, Fintech, retail or any other sector along the agricultural value chain in Sudan.
    • The product or service responds to local challenge/s in Sudan and is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Going to commit full-time to the business & the programme by attending all activities throughout the program period, if selected .
    • Disciplined founder/team and a great commitment to work on the business

    The programme this year aims to target the startups who work in the agriculture sector or agriculture chain such as:

    • Fintech
    • Animal production and fishing sector
    • Growing & supplying seeds.
    • Energy solutions.
    • Logistics & supply chain & distribution
    • Tools, technologies, inventive techniques to increase productivity.
    • Educational services.
    • Processing and value addition.
    • Agricultural machinery.
    • Any related sector that serves the agriculture value chain
  • What is this programme about?

    The main objective of the Orange Corners incubation programme is to create successful entrepreneurs in Sudan. It focuses not only on developing businesses, but also on developing a new set of mindsets and personality traits that can interact with the local ecosystem and culture. Thus, 249Startups has designed a holistic educational approach to help aspiring entrepreneurs survive and succeed. But learning occurs only when knowledge and skills are absorbed and applied. The incubation programme aims to enhance the competencies of entrepreneurs leading to positive change. This process of change should be facilitated at the level of startup founders, the startup team, as well as the level of startup KPIs.

  • What to expect within the 6 months programme?

    Throughout the 6 months, the programme offers a wide range of training and workshops on topics such as developing a business plan, marketing, sales and growth, product development, technology, financial analysis and attracting investments, and others. The six months incubation programme contains: digital training, in-person training, networking, 1:1 coaching, access to co-working space, business advisory services. In addition, to business support services such as accounting, organisation development, etc.

  • Can anyone from the business apply?

    The applicant, thus a potential participant in the incubation programme, is one of the founders of the startup. However, we are open to accepting other functions. We recommend that the participant holds a strategic position in the business and has access to data from the business. The incubation programme is very practical and is designed to make immediate improvements in the startups. Therefore it is recommended that the participant is the decision-maker and is able to do that.

  • How do I apply for the Orange Corners incubation programme?

    1. Fill out the application form:
    2. Upon submission, you will be assigned an application number, which will be sent to you via email.
    3. Await further announcements regarding the status of your application.
  • What is the deadline for application?

    The application is open between 1st May and 30th of May 2024.

  • How is the e-learning platform connected to the application?

    The e-learning platform helps you to prepare yourself and your business. The competition is very high and not every founder who wants to be part may have the same skill set. We assist you in that. The e-learning platform also contains videos that help to understand the application criteria and process and the programme better.
    This is how you can access it:

    1. Access the E-learning platform via this link:
    2. Complete all mandatory courses available on the platform.
    3. Take the quiz provided after completing the courses
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