Orange Corners alumni pitch at Startup Night Africa NL

Startup Night Africa is coming to the Netherlands! Hosted by Lionesses of Africa, Startup Night Africa gives leading women entrepreneurs from all over the African continent the chance to pitch their businesses to Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher and a crowd of potential partners and investors. A number of Orange Corners alumni will join virtually, pitching their projects along with these giants.

Emi-Beth Quantson – Kawa Moka Coffee Roasters (Orange Corners Ghana)
Goretti Kat – Minzoto Club (Orange Corners DRC)
Queen Uwabuofu – Clovekids International (Orange Corners Nigeria)
Safia Shatta – Mango Gate (Orange Corners Sudan)
Mariam Lawani – Greenhill Recycling (Orange Corners Nigeria)

Meet our entrepreneurs:

Emi-Beth Quantson – Kawa Moka Coffee Roasters (Ghana)
Lionesses feature: Emi-Beth Aku Quantson, a Ghanaian social entrepreneur creating impact through coffee

Goretti Kat – Minzoto Club (DRC)
Lionesses feature: Goretti Kat, an entrepreneur educating and empowering young people to thrive in Democratic Republic of Congo

Queen Uwabuofu – CloveKids International (Nigeria)
Lionesses feature: Queen Uwabuofu, an entrepreneur creating an African doll brand celebrating the beauty of diversity

Safia Shatta – Mango Gate (Sudan)
Lionesses feature: Safia Shatta, a woman entrepreneur empowering others through language learning in Sudan

Mariam Lawani – Greenhill Recycling (Nigeria)
Lionesses feature: Mariam Lawani, a Nigerian entrepreneur tackling poverty and unemployment through recycling

The details:

Startup Night Africa – NL edition
Date: 11 July 2023
Location: Nieuwspoort, The Hague – the Netherlands

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