Orange Corners Sudan graduates Khartoum cohorts 5 and 6 and Darfur cohort 1

Last week, Orange Corners Sudan graduated Khartoum cohorts 5 and 6 and Darfur cohort 1. Online, because unfortunately the situation in Sudan still doesn’t allow us to gather in-person. In addition to the majority of the graduating entrepreneurs, the digital ceremony was attended by Mr. Wierish Ramsoekh, chargé d’affaires of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Sudan, the 249Startups implementing team, Orange Corners Sudan programme advisor Ramiro Gomes Monteiro and several other OC HQ members.

The graduation ceremony centered around resilience. For nearly a year now, our Sudanese entrepreneurs have been impacted by civil war. Almost all have lost their work spaces and teams, had to relocate, restart their business, explore different markets and products and start side ventures. And most of them, they just kept on going. Speeches by graduating entrepreneurs like Taj El-Din highlighted their remarkable entrepreneurial mindset and resilience.

Considering the circumstances, it’s a miracle so many entrepreneurs made it to the finishing line. Many, many congratulations to all our young Sudanese entrepreneurs for completing their journey with Orange Corners. We’ll keep cheering for you as you continue to provide essential goods and services to your communities. And a big, big thank you to our partners in Sudan, 249Startups, for making sure the programme continued – despite the extremely challenging circumstances.

Watch the graduation ceremony back on the Orange Corners Sudan Facebook page.
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Luca Pets Clinic, voted winner of the resilience award.
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