Aly Mohamed - Seavo

Orange Corners entrepreneur in Forbes Middle East 30 under 30

Exciting news! Orange Corners Cairo graduate Aly Mohamed was recognised as one of Forbes Middle East’s 30 under 30 this year in the category ‘Social Impact’, while One Young World Enterprise for Peace Scholar Marc Aoun (Co-founder and CEO of Compost Baladi SAL) made the list in the same category.

Founded in 2021, marine micro-mobility company Seavo creates electric watercraft and marine drones. Driven by a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancement, with Seavo Aly has been on a mission to reshape the future of marine technology since 2021. And with considerable success, one might add. Well-deserved and many congratulations, Aly!

Aly Mohamed - Seavo
Aly Mohamed, Founder and CEO Seavo

Seavo offers a greener alternative to traditional fuel-powered watercraft and produces 10 products, including the Orca Electric Watercraft, a battery-operated and IoT-connected watercraft capable of speeds up to 21km/h. The company’s signature Seawatch System pairs IoT bracelets with autonomous marine drones and monitors vitals and detects drowning events in real-time.

Forbes Middle East 30 under 30 2023 citation

We interviewed Aly earlier this year about Seavo and the importance of protecting marine life in Egypt and beyond. Read the full interview here.

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