OC Erbil graduation ceremony

Orange Corners: 1781 alumni and counting!

Orange Corners helps young entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to realise their entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions. Nearly 1,800 entrepeneurs have already successfully completed our local incubation and acceleration programmes, with even more young people taking part in other business-related activities, such as #CoCreateMyCity, Dare2Act and Dare2Dream.

In recent weeks, the Orange Corners alumni community expanded considerably, with graduation ceremonies taking place in Erbil, Baghdad, Côte d’Ivoire, Cairo, Mozambique and Senegal, amongst others. A few days ago we also kicked off our new acceleration cycle in Ghana, with a record number of nearly 350 participants. So it is really only a matter of time until Orange Corners will reach the impressive milestone of 2,000 alumni worldwide.

And as we like to think here at Orange Corners: the graduation is not the end of the journey, but only the beginning. Stay tuned for some really exciting updates on our brand new Alumni Accelerator…!

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