Orange Corners Bangladesh launches second cohort

Launched in February 2023, Orange Corners Bangladesh marked a significant milestone in Orange Corners history as our first Asian hub. Like elsewhere across our network, this hub empowers young Bangladeshi founders with the requisite tools for success in typical Orange Corners way.

The inaugural Orange Corners Bangladesh cohort kicked off in June 2023, featuring 14 promising ventures spanning diverse industries. By December 2023, 13 of these enterprises had successfully completed a rigorous six-month programme with immersive training sessions and masterclasses, personalised coaching sessions and more. Graduates from this cohort are now eligible to apply for Orange Corners Innovation Fund track 1 funding, with the potential to secure up to €5,000 in matching grants.

In September 2023, we opened applications for Orange Corners Bangladesh cohort 2, receiving an overwhelming response of over 200 submissions from businesses across Bangladesh. Following a meticulous selection process involving comprehensive application reviews and a two-day boot camp, the 16 most promising enterprises were selected to participate in cohort 2’s incubation programme. Commencing in January 2024 until its anticipated conclusion in June 2024, it’s evident that this cohort is also poised to make substantial contributions to innovation, sustainability and economic development in Bangladesh.

Curious to learn which businesses were selected for cohort 2? Read more on the website of our implementing partner for Orange Corners Bangladesh, VV Ventures.

Orange Corners Bangladesh, cohort 2
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