Orange Corners Connect Days – June 2024

As all our implementing partners for 2024 (and in most cases all the way up to 2028) are now known, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s ahead for Orange Corners in the period 2024-2028. To set the stage for an even better collaboration between the hubs, our diplomatic missions and the Orange Corners team in The Hague, we invite you to the Netherlands for the Orange Corners Connect Days 2024! A fun week full of inspiring and informative sessions, where we can share our best practices, make exciting plans for the future and make connections to last a lifetime.

Key details

  • Dates: Sunday 2 June to Saturday 8 June, 2024
  • Location: The Hague, the Netherlands (and nearby locations)
  • Who:
    * 2 hub representatives per Orange Corners programme country – ideally the managing director and Orange Corners programme manager/coordinator. Specific parts of the programme can be accessed online so that other colleagues can join us digitally as well.
    * 1 representative per diplomatic mission.
    * Representatives of the Orange Corners team in The Hague.
    * Representatives of the MFA and partner organisations for specific parts of the programme.
  • Hotel:
    Moxy The Hague is located in the Muzentoren in the heart of The Hague. The hotel is located within walking distance of The Hague Central Station and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The hotel offers comfortable rooms, a (shared) breakfast hall where you can also work, and a bar.
  • Costs:
    Almost none!
    * For the implementing partners, we’ll cover your flights (economy class, same airport return), accommodation and meals.
    * For our colleagues from the diplomatic missions we’ll cover your accommodation and meals.

    We only ask you to cover the costs associated with your visa application (if needed) and any additional hotel nights, should you decide to extend your stay in the Netherlands before June 2 or beyond June 8.


Have you confirmed your mini-delegation with us? Great, you’re ready for the next step: formal registration. To help you book your tickets, hotel, prepare your invitation letter and ensure you’ve got the best experience possible in general, we need to know some details. So have your passport ready and send back the registration form you’ve received via email. 

Important: we won’t consider your participation as final until you’ve formally filled in the registration form and have had contact with our travel agent, Mainport Travel Management. As this information is also needed to book your flight (if applicable) and generate your formal invitation that you need for your visa application, the sooner you register, the better. Embassy staff: you’re responsible for arranging your own flight. In section four, please indicate that you don’t need a flight.  

After formal registration, you’ll be contacted by our travel agent to make further arrangements and we’ll keep you updated through mail on all the necessary practical information in the weeks following up to the event. Please keep a close eye on your inbox and respond in a timely manner. 

The programme

To a large extent the programme isn’t set in stone yet, because above all we value your ideas and thoughts about what you’d like the week to be about. The provisional programme looks like this (subject to changes).

Day 0, Sunday June 2nd: OC Welcome – Arrival, welcome dinner
Day 1, Monday June 3rd: OC Connections – Getting to know each other, community building
Day 2, Tuesday June 4th: OC Content – Mission and vision, key elements of the Orange Corners methodology, reflection and sharing knowledge
Day 3, Wednesday June 5th: OC Choices – Freely adjustable day for individual visits and meetings
Day 4: Thursday June 6th: OC Culture – Ecosystem visits/partner carrousel, inspirational tour
Day 5: Friday June 7th: OC Collaboration – New connections, cross border collaboration, fun
Day 6: Saturday June 8th: OC See you soon – Departure

What you can already do yourself

  • Please confirm your mini-delegation as soon as possible, as it’ll affect the time you have to apply for your visa and costs associated with your flight.
  • Already look into visa requirements for the Netherlands/Schengen. Do you need a visa to come to the Netherlands? How does that work in practice? We’ll of course help with the paperwork (invitation letter and associated documents), but making a visa appointment and submitting the paperwork in time is ultimately your own responsibility. Please note that this a time-consuming process and that availability of slots for visa appointments might be limited.
  • Start thinking about who else you’d like to meet while you’re around. We’ll make sure there’s space in the programme (specifically on Wednesday) to meet other government officials and business contacts you might already have or would like to make. Your Orange Corners programme advisor can help you with suggestions of other potential contacts or set up meetings.


For questions related to your flight and visa, please contact our travel agent, Mainport Travel Management. For all other questions, please get in touch with the Orange Corners Connect Days 2024 organising committee Erik, Ramiro, Benthe and Brigitte.

Mainport Travel Management
[email protected]
+31 85 27 37  985

Orange Corners Connect Days 2024 Team
Erik, Ramiro, Benthe and Brigitte
[email protected]


  • Can I bring additional persons from my organisation or family members (at my own cost)?

    Unless otherwise agreed with us in case of specific circumstances, unfortunately this is not possible. This is both due to cost considerations as well as capacity limits.

  • How long can I extend my trip? 

    We’re pleased to offer accommodation at The Moxy Hotel in The Hague, the Netherlands, for a duration of 6 nights, from June 2 to June 7, 2024. Any additional nights will be at your own expense.

  • Can you support me with my visa application?

    We’lll support you with the required documentation including the invitation letter and (preliminary) flight/hotel bookings. However, the visa application is ultimately your responsibility and you’re therefore responsible for the correctness and completeness of your application, and costs associated with the visa application.

    Please note that we can offer very limited to no assistance with the process itself (e.g. securing a visa appointment or expediting the assessment), especially in cases where the Netherlands isn’t in charge of the assessment of the application.

    Should the above lead to any concerns or should you run into any problems, please let us know and we can discuss these together.

  • On which dates am I allowed to book a flight?

    Flights will only be arranged and paid for between May 30 and June 16, 2024. Flights will be arranged in economy class.

See you in the Netherlands in June!

Kingdom of the Netherlands