Orange Corners Burundi study tour to Senegal

Cross-country collaborations are essential for fostering supportive environments for entrepreneurs, capitalising on insights from diverse landscapes. This kind of collaboration enriches our Orange Corners community and fosters soft landings, paving the way for future endeavors across networks.

Ahead of the launch of Orange Corners Burundi, our 3hi Africa implementing team embarked on a study tour to Senegal to learn from an experienced Orange Corners partner, Ignite.E. In Dakar, they laid all the groundwork to make the new Orange Corners Burundi hub a phenomenal success.

In a fast-paced programme, our teams covered all aspects Orange Corners, delving deeper into the Senegalese and Burundian ecosystems. ‘The beginning of a beautiful sisterhood’, in the words of Ignite.E Director Carine Vavasseur. We love!

The Orange Corners Burundi and Orange Corners Senegal teams, plus Orange Corners Programme Advisor for Burundi Milou Derks
Kingdom of the Netherlands