taj el din sudan

From displacement to success: Orange Corners Sudan’s Taj El-Din’s entrepreneurial journey

With the war in Sudan entering its tenth month, our Orange Corners alumni continue to face seemingly unsurmountable challenges. And yet, there are positive stories to tell. Entrepreneurs that keep going, against all odds. Entrepreneurs that reinvent themselves in a totally different field, a completely different city or even a completely different country.

Meet Taj El-Din, a symbol of resilience in Sudan. Escaping war, he forged a new life and new business in South Sudan. In an extraordinary tale of resilience and determination, he transformed displacement challenges into a narrative of success. His journey, beginning in the modest markets of Wau and culminating in Juba, the bustling capital of South Sudan, is a testament to his unwavering resolve.

Taj El-Din harnessed his skills to seize new opportunities. With his expertise in information technology, Taj El-Din navigated his new environment with skill and perseverance. His market research, refined during his incubation experience with Orange Corners Sudan, unveiled a lucrative opportunity in Juba’s healthcare sector. Securing a role in implementing a system for a local pharmacy, this initial success paved the way for his first contract with Juba Complex, slated to commence system processing by early 2024.

These accomplishments have not only elevated TIT Technology’s standing but also enabled the business’ registration in South Sudan. Currently, Taj El-Din is diligently working towards finalising his company’s registration and setting up an office in Juba, embodying the resilience and success cultivated through the Orange Corners Sudan programme.

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