ecosystem mapping burundi

New publication: Ecosystem Mapping Burundi

In 2024, Orange Corners expanded to three new countries: Burundi, Mali and South Sudan. But how does that work in practice, opening a new hub? The first step towards successfully launching a new Orange Corners programme is always an in-depth ecosystem mapping. In May 2023, our programme advisor for Burundi Milou toured Burundi together with a colleague specialised in private sector development and an embassy colleague. In this summarised version of the Burundi ecosystem mapping for the very first time we share some of their observations with the larger public – in the hope that it will be beneficial to the entire ecosystem.

What challenges do entrepreneurs face while setting up and growing their businesses? Which support already exists? And where do we see gaps where we can add value? Read it all in our new report, the ecosystem mapping Burundi.

A big thank you to all stakeholders for their lively participation in interviews, focus groups and site visits!

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