Tibu Africa’s Mohamed Amine Zariat wins prestigious Prix de l’entrepreneur social de l’année 2024

Mohamed Amine Zariat, director of Sports Orange Corners implementing partner Tibu Africa, has won the prestigious Prix de l’entrepreneur social de l’année 2024 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Each year, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship awards this prize to inspiring social entrepreneurs. This year, they recognised Mohamed Amine Zariat’s remarkable contribution to social inclusion in sports in Morocco and Africa.

Founded in 2011, Tibu Africa supports the development of social innovations in sports, offering education and leadership opportunities to young people, especially women and youth from less developed regions. Under Mohamed Amine’s leadership, Tibu Africa established an integrated model of social and economic development through sports, in line with Morocco’s ambition to be an inclusive, social state. A model that is exported today to a number of other African countries.

Mohamed Amine: “Être reconnu comme le seul entrepreneur social sportif en Afrique parmi les lauréats est un immense honneur. Cela témoigne de la force et du potentiel de l’Afrique dans la création de solutions innovantes pour le développement social. Notre travail à Tibu Africa ne se limite pas à l’enseignement du sport, mais s’étend à inculquer les valeurs de leadership, de résilience et de collaboration, essentielles pour l’avenir de notre continent. Notre modèle, après avoir prouvé son efficience au Maroc, est aujourd’hui déployé dans 4 pays africains”.

Many congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

About Sports Orange Corners: implemented by Tibu Africa, Sports Orange Corners was the first incubator dedicated to young people solving social issues through sports entrepreneurship. Until 2023, the programme existed as a seperate Orange Corners programme. In the next five years, Tibu will continue to implement annual Sports cohorts, in collaboration with Orange Corners Morocco‘s Bidaya.

Mohamed Amine Zariat, Director Tibu Africa
Kingdom of the Netherlands