In the media: Mohamed Al-Hakim – EQIQ/Fedshi

Iraqi entrepreneur Mohamed Al-Hakim is the founder of VC fund EQIQ as well as Fedshi, a social e-commerce platform. With nearly 20 years of experience in management, banking and investment, he’s well-suited to reflect on the future of the Iraqi startup ecosystem. Our implementing partner for Orange Corners Baghdad, KAPITA Business Hub, sat down with Mr. Al-Hakim for an exclusive interview covering topics such as EQIQ, the Iraqi e-commerce sector and the challenges of doing business in Iraq.

Mr. Al-Hakim: “The Iraqi market is attractive on paper, and at the same time, Iraq is an open economy, which means that large regional tech companies will seek to enter the market as the political situation in the country stabilises. With their resources, experience, and track record, they’d dominate the market with their product. If Iraqi companies want to compete, it’s time to build them now. Otherwise, it might be too late, and we might end up playing on the fringes of the ecosystem”.

Read the full interview here.

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