Orange Corners Morocco and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences kick off strategetic partnership

Last month, Orange Corners Morocco and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences kicked off a new strategic partnership with a two-day bootcamp involving both Moroccan entrepreneurs and Dutch university students majoring in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship. During two intensive days, the entrepreneurs and students pooled their skills and shared their knowledge. In this way, they paved the way for future strategic cooperation.

Equipped with practical skills and the latest academic knowledge in areas such as marketing and entrepreneurship, the Dutch university students brought innovative ideas and fresh perspectives that can help our Moroccan entrepreneurs grow their businesses. At the same time, they got exposed to international business practices, which will be surely benefit them in today’s globalised world. In their turn, working with our Moroccan entrepreneurs gave the students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting, which helps their understanding of theoretical concepts. They gained some hands-on experience in problem-solving, communication, and international business, while learning about a different culture and business environment.

During the bootcamp, the teams worked on developing effective marketing strategies, identifying growth opportunities, streamlining business operations, addressing financial planning and sustainability, navigating the challenges of scaling up a business and more. And although the university students have returned home by now, this is by no means the end of the partnership. For the next few months, they will continue to support the Moroccan entrepreneurs from a distance, working together on business-related issues.

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