In the media: Mariam Lawani – Greenhill Recycling

Remember Startup Night Africa? In July 2023, 5 talented women entrepreneurs from our Orange Corners programmes in DRC, Sudan, Ghana and Nigeria pitched their innovative businesses, together with some of Africa’s leading women entrepreneurs. Representing Orange Corners Nigeria were Queen Uwabuofu and Mariam Lawani. With Greenhill Recycling, Mariam Lawani converts waste into a currency to support socio-economic growth in LagosLionesses of Africa, host of Startup Night Africa, interviewed Mariam about her businesses.

Mariam: “Greenhill Recycling is a social enterprise addressing the poverty and unemployment crisis in Nigeria, using recyclable waste as the currency of exchange. We harness the power of rural communities to solve waste management problems in Nigeria. Our reward for recycling model gives households, especially in indigent communities the opportunity to exchange their recyclable waste, aluminum cans, old corrugated cartons and office paper for redeemable Green points, which can be exchanged for items of value such as groceries, pay utility bills or provide school supplies for children.”

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