queen uwabuofu

In the media: Queen Uwabuofu – CloveKids

Back in July, 5 female Orange Corners alumni from our different programmes around the continent pitched their companies to a crowd of potential partners and investors at Startup Night Africa NL. Pitching on behalf of Orange Corners Nigeria were Greenhill Recycling’s Mariam Lawani and Queen Uwabuofu. Queen is the founder of CloveKids International, which focuses on raising and building the African child for the future through a range of innovation products that promote black representation, inclusion, diversity, child education and sustainability. Lioneses of Africa interviewed her about her mission.

Queen: “The rate of bleaching women in my society in the name of being beautiful inspired me to start my business. I did some research and the statistics were alarming. African women had the highest percentage in the world. I visited mega stores in my city and in 10 stores, you could only find a black doll in 1. Just 1 black doll out of every 10 white dolls in a shelve in a black-owned store, in a black nation and in a black continent. I knew I had to do something about this and I started producing black dolls.”

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