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In the media: Goretti Kat – Minzoto Club

On 11 July 2023, 5 amazing young female Orange Corners entrepreneurs pitched at Startup Night Africa NL, looking for funding and partners for their innotative businesses. Goretti Kat, founder and CEO of Minzoto Club, represented Orange Corners DRC. Like our other participants, she was interviewed by Lionesses of Africa about cultural education centre Minzoto Club, her entrepreneurial journey and her aspirations for the years to come.

Goretti: “Although there are a few schools with access to innovative programmes, they are generally elitist or at least highly structured schools that are not accessible to everyone. There is a gap between the theoretical concepts learned in this education system and the practical requirements on the ground, as well as a lack of infrastructure and specialized cultural and sports facilities for teenagers. We decided to create a cultural centre that would play the three roles of entertainment, education and inspiration.”

Read the full interview here.

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