Emi-Beth Quantson

In the media: Emi-Beth Quantson – Kawa Moka

Last month, 5 amazing female Orange Corners alumni pitched their businesses at Startup Night Africa NL, looking for partnerships and funding to scale their businesses. Representing Orange Corners Ghana was Emi-Beth Quantson, founder of Ghana’s leading social enterprise coffee company and roaster Kawa Moka. Lionesses of Africa, the organisation behind Startup Night Africa, spoke to Emi-Beth about her company, her entrepreneurial journey and her plans for the future.

Emi-Beth: “I saw the coffee revolution happen in East Africa and foresaw that the time for West Africa was close. I got involved in coffee because of my love for coffee spaces – cafes as watering holes for innovation and as spaces where you can have random conversations with strangers that lead to lifelong friendships and perhaps even forming a business (or going on a rally). Coffee for me is a connector, an inspirer, and while my dream began with wanting to establish cafes all over Africa, once I began it was obvious that the larger problem of farmers being encouraged to diversify their crops and reliance on cocoa (in Ghana) and having access to market was a larger calling with greater impact on the last mile. It was also apparent that the need for Africans to begin drinking their own coffee, and for value to be added in country, were persistent problems that could be tackled through my company – and boy have we established that footprint!”

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Emi-Beth and part of her team.
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