launch wee 2.0

249Startups launches Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment 2.0

Women entrepreneurs have the potential to drive economic growth, create jobs and bring innovative solutions to the marketplace. However, they still face significant barriers to starting and growing their businesses, including limited access to finance, training and networks. To address these issues, last month 249Startups – our partner for Orange Corners Sudan – launched Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment 2.0 (WEE 2.0). This initiative promotes women economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and is inspired by EmpowerHer, an Orange Corners Sudan initiative to prioritise women empowerment.

To ensure the success of WEE 2.0, 249Startups invited experts and advisors to join them in a discussion to explore the best ways to empower women entrepreneurs. Their input, expertise and advice are invaluable in shaping WEE 2.0 and ensuring it’s impactful and effective.

During the meeting, the invitees discussed ways to address the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, including biases and stereotypes that hinder their progress. They also explored strategies to increase women’s access to finance, provide training and mentorship opportunities, and create networks that support women entrepreneurs.

The meeting was chaired by Her Excellency Irma van Dueren, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sudan. Participants included experts from the private sector, banks, telecom, startups and international agencies.

Khansa Alhag, Managing Partner at 249Startups: “We’re excited about the potential for WEE 2.0 to make a meaningful impact in empowering women entrepreneurs, and we appreciate all interest and support.”

More info: Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment 2.0

Some pictures from the launch:

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