PowHer OCJ

Orange Corners Jordan hosts first PowHer event

Last weekend, Orange Corners Jordan hosted its very first PowHer event. During this series of monthly breakfasts, Orange Corners Jordan gathers women entrepreneurs to network and discuss topics related to female entrepreneurship in Jordan.

Farah Khraise, project coordinator at our local implementing partner iPARK Jordan: “During the event the entrepreneurs discussed and bonded over the challenges and mental stress that comes with starting a business and how important it is to have a partner and team that you can depend on, delegate to and most importantly to have a support system. Over coffee and brunch business cards were exchanged and friendships were made. We are excited to see what our next PowHer event brings!”

Earlier this year, Orange Corners Jordan became the latest addition to the Orange Corners family. We are currently recruiting our first cohort of young entrepreneurs in Jordan. For more information about the programme and application period in Jordan, please check our local hub page.

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