Bashir Saifi - Jobify

In the media: Bashir Saifi – Jobify

Meet Bashir Saifi, founder of JobifyGlobal. Launching early next year, Jobify connects people and AI. Through an integrated platform, Bashir and his team allow clients to enter and handle data effectively, while enabling machines to learn more efficiently. His ultimate goal? To become the market leader for AI training data.

Bashir is a graduate of Orange Corners Palestinian Territories. Our friends at our local implementing partner Flow Accelerator spoke to him about Jobify and his entrepreneurial journey, which started as early as the sixth grade. How did Orange Corners contribute to his success? Bashir: “I believe that Orange Corners has changed my mindset on so many levels, even on a personal level, the way I think about things, marketing, UIUX….”

Read the full interview here.

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