Orange Corners Alumni Community

Join the Orange Corners Alumni Community!

The first meetings of the Orange Corners Alumni Community were held in July of 2021. We conducted a masterclass about export and had the official launch event. But we want more!

The ambition is to fully use the potential we have in our middle. We are all entrepreneurs from different countries, widely spread around the world, but with one mission: to be a successful entrepreneur. Amidst the Alumni Community there is a wide range of expertise and experiences, therefore we strive to share the knowledge and learn from each other. 

Of course, it’s wise to stay sharp for new business opportunities, you never know what can happen if you connect ambitious entrepreneurs!

During our first Speed Networking event, we would like to connect the alumni locally. After the local Speed Networking Events we shall focus on connecting alumni from different countries. Segmenting the alumni will also take place. The Orange Corners Alumni Community will help connect entrepreneurs on a sector level. We can use and lean on the network and expertise of the Orange Corners Headquarters.

We are stoked to introduce the ambassadors of the Orange Corners Alumni Community. Feel free to contact them with questions regarding the Orange Corners Alumni Community activities.

1. Bright Adoboe Atawiah Adoboe, founder of Achiever Foods Limited
2. Victorine Vondee, founder of Vonvic
3. Abdulrahman Kareem, founder of IPR ECO
4. Mohamed Elaibaid, founder of Al Awasi Medical Solutions
5. Mohammed Nagi, founder of Plasta / Dawaak
6. Justice Offei Jr. Offei Jr, founder of Sikadan Homes
7.Estácio Armando Buchuo, founder of Elevate Multimédia
8. Maria Ndozvo, founder of Merrygreen Enterprise

Curious? Do you want to join the dynamic and fast moving Orange Corners Alumni Community? Maybe as an ambassador for your local Orange Corners community? Please contact us by using the contact form on the website.

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