Celebrating our entrepreneurs on International Youth Day 2021 #YouthatHeart

International Youth Day 2021 - YMCA International - World Alliance of YMCAs

Key take-aways

On August 12 2021, the world celebrated International Youth Day (IYD). So did Orange Corners. This special UN day draws attention on issues relevant for the youth and on the ways they can contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

IYD 2021 theme of the UN was Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health. The theme rightfully emphasises the important role young people play in fostering inclusive and sustainable development on a global scale.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands wholeheartedly embraces the meaningful participation to this day. Orange Corners wishes to increase the impact and empowerment of young people, as our main mission is to enhance youth employment and entrepreneurship.

Orange Corners have celebrated this day together with our entrepreneurs, as investing, engaging, and working with youth, as leaders and partners of the future, is one of the key areas of concern for Dutch foreign policy and for Orange Corners!

OCHQ looks back on a successful day in collaboration with our hubs. We put the spotlight on one entrepreneur that is locally known for their efforts to protect the planet and improve the quality of life by by transforming food systems. For example startups that work in improving  biodiversity conservation, food security, climate change mitigation, poverty reduction, social inclusion and/or health care.


With the Youth at Heart strategy, Orange Corners places the youth at the heart of our sustainable development cooperation. Through investing in education and work, specifically bridging the gap between skills young people learn and the demands of the job market, the #YouthAtHeart strategy aims to offer prospects to young people in our focus regions.

In promoting this international day, we work together with governments, multilateral organisations, civil society organisations, knowledge partners and the youth. Creating awareness on the tremendously important role of young people in society, and drawing attention to their specific challenges and opportunities of young people, underlines how Orange Corners supports the youth through our programmes and via ecosystems across Africa and the Middle East.


  • Young people must have their voices heard at all times.
  • As we mark #YouthDay, let’s listen to the voice of young people, invest in more sustainable livelihoods and amplify voices of the youth #YouthAtHeart
  • OrangeCorners is committed to ensuring an enabling and empowering environment for youth to strive and grow as partners and leaders.
  • OrangeCorners is committed to support the #YouthatHeart strategy, as this is one of the key areas of concern for Dutch foreign policy. We are ready for the next #InternationalYouthDay!
  • Watch all our inspiring entrepreneurs below!
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