IT4Kids and BE networks’ collaboration with Orange Corners

Orange Corners is proud to announce a new partnership with IT4Kids & BE Networks.

The aim of this partnership is to make IT accessible for young entrepreneurs across Africa and the Middle East. Through this partnership, the two IT partners will bring their collective resources, expertise, network & innovative fundraising model of the IT4Kids Foundation to the beneficiaries of Orange Corners. We are paving the way to increased technology accessibility for young entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle-East.

IT4Kids is a foundation that collects used IT from companies and donates (on behalf of the contributor) the value of the IT to charities that commit themselves to creating opportunities (#skills4life). IT4Kids is partnering with BE Networks for a certified data wiping process. BE Networks takes care of the refurbishment of used IT equipment and gives it a second life, reducing their ecological footprint.

“IT4Kids would like to contribute to skills and opportunities development for youth via IT hardware. Access to internet must be a common good and accessible for everyone” commented Colette Zee, Director IT4Kids. ‘’But we have noticed that a large portion of the participants of the Orange Corners programmes are unable to purchase the required hardware equipment. We would like to provide a first badge of tablets and make a call out to the partners (current & future) of Orange Corners and our own network, to donate their written off IT. We can give equipment a second life and enable young entrepreneurs to grow their business through IT. We are looking forward to our partnership.”

“At BE Networks, we try to make our world a better place through our sustainable business model. We give many companies the chance to have access to high-end equipment at a budget-friendly price and we recycle all the rest. Together with IT4Kids, we are very proud to partner up with the Orange Corners programme and use our combined forces in order to support and boost entrepreneurship in Africa and the Middle East, ” commented Martijn Kamerman, Director at BE Networks.

Our first collaboration is focused on equipping a local hub with tablets to make IT hardware accessible for the young entrepreneurs of that local hub. Keep an eye on our social media for more information coming very soon! If you can’t wait until then, click on this to listen to Jordy Kool, founder of IT4Kids, where he tells you more about our partnership.

Theodore Klouvas, the programme manager of Orange Corners, states: ‘’Currently many young entrepreneurs are forced to work remotely and be creative in keeping their business alive and adjusting their business model. Now more than ever, it is vital to provide young entrepreneurs with the required resources to continue in the digital spheres. Through this partnership with IT4Kids and BE-Networks and the valuable contributions of our partners we hope to tackle this challenge. Internet and hardware should become a common good for all.  Can we count on you?’’

Do you want to give your IT a second life, whilst supporting young entrepreneurs? Consider using the certified data-wiping services of BE Networks. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Theodore Klouvas ([email protected]) to learn how you can support both Orange Corners and IT4Kids!

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