Riches Attai

Winich Farms is a leading agro-tech platform educating and connecting over 7000 local farmers to supermarkets in Nigeria. During the COVID-19 crisis, they have adapted their business model to direct delivery to consumers for a lower price.

As the empty streets of Lagos slowly turn gold with the morning sun, five trucks from Winich Farms are on their way to deliver the agricultural products to the homes of their customers. They have received government permission to do so as ensuring that farmers can continue their work and people can receive food is of crucial importance.

Whereas the current political priority is understandably given to slow the spread of COVID-19, another more silent challenge lies in its wake: a food security crisis, both in rural and urban areas. Although governments play their part and often go beyond providing medical support and essential services such as education and subsided inputs to offset the effects of this crisis, one thing is sure: this is not a battle they can win on their own. Businesses, entrepreneurs and civil society will all have to help them carry the weight. And they are.

A shining example is Riches Attai, founder and CEO of Winich Farms in Lagos. Originally Riches’ business is a leading agro-tech platform, improving the living of rural farmers and educating them while providing a large scale digital platform to connect them with their market. With over 7.000 farmers in their network, 100 jobs created, a renowned advisory board and 6 Nigerian states covered, it feels appropriate to say: they are bringing agriculture in Nigeria to the next level.

After COVID-19 reached Nigeria and Riches spent some long locked-down nights at his desk, he and his team figured out two things needed to be done: deliver directly to consumers instead of supermarkets, and drop prices of produce to create more food security. Within a week, with the help of the team and friends, extra trucks were operating, an ordering platform for consumers was launched and the bumpy roads of Lagos were leading cheaper products directly to the communities.

“This new direction is increasing our overhead costs and it is reducing profits. But we have to sacrifice this for the future of our company, and most importantly the community”, according to CEO Riches. “Our goal is to feed 250.000 homes this year, no matter the circumstances”.

We salute you, Riches and the Winich Team!

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