Orange Corners presents the #CounteringCovid series

COVID-19 has impacted the world as we know it. Whereas for the coronavirus pandemic (social) distance is needed, it is also uniting us more than ever. Times of chaos can bring out the best in humanity. It’s inspiring to see how people are working together for global solidarity and coming up with creative responses to COVID-19.

The Orange Corners’ #CounteringCovid series highlights entrepreneurs that are creatively responding to COVID-19. It is centered around the leaders and changemakers that have adapted their business models to keep them healthy, relevant and in service of their communities. The following categories will be featured:

  • COVID-19 hygiene & health
  • Reaching the SDG’s #education #circularity #foodsecurity #water
  • SME Business continuation
  • Tackling misinformation

Let these times be an invitation to courage, innovation, creativity and resilience. Let us stay positive, healthy and spread the entrepreneurial vibes. Join the movement!

Kingdom of the Netherlands