Isabel Tamale

As Mozambique’s capital Maputo is located at the coast, it’s buzzling harbor forms the center of its economy. Products such as cotton and sugar are transported over the wide avenues and ready for export. In addition to trade, the country’s service sector is growing and providing a slow growth of informal jobs.

Young entrepreneur Isabel Tamele decided to make “Decent work for all”, as clearly set out in the Sustainable Development Goals, her mission. Research shows that in order to make global progress in this area, the quality of work, the working conditions and environment are highly important. “Equality and decent work are two of the pillars underpinning sustainable development.” said Deborah Greenfield, ILO Deputy Director-General for Policy.

Isabel realised that many organisations were in need of more insight in how to effectively improve the safety & health in their work place. She decided to found ‘Moz Safety Work’ and share her innovative vision on how to implement health, hygiene and safety in companies and work places.

Among many other goals, Moz Safety Work wants to reduce and eliminate the indices of work accidents through information and re-education to employees, but also society at large. It is their mission to offer better solutions for the prevention and protection of people against occupational risks, increasing the quality of life at work and improving the preservation of the environment. They aim to become an evolutionary reference of Health, Safety and Environment solutions in the national and international market.

Isabel Tamele was also participant in Total Challenge’s “Startupper of the Year” contest in 2018, a challenge that aims to support good ideas and projects that help address a widespread problem affecting communities in different countries.

As Isabel puts it: “Health and life at work are a fundamental right for all employees”

With the advent of the coronavirus, they saw their business reducing in demand, as people were increasingly concerned with ways to prevent contamination of the virus. At that point Moz Safety Work decided to start the production of homemade, sustainable face masks. As a business advocating for health and safety, Moz Safety work decided that they wanted to help citizens practice personal safety measures way during the pandemic in a quick and accessible way.

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