Dr. Mohamed Elaibaid

Dr. Mohamed Elaibaid

Al Awasi Medical Solutions is a Health Education Business, founded by Dr. Mohamed Elaibaid. It provides several services in medical training for healthcare professionals in different areas of expertise. A physical training center is located in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. In addition, other training possibilities and education are provided through online and offline channels that contain courses in high standard, hands-on professional medical practice. Healthcare professionals are being trained in accordance with international standards and obtain international certificates after completing the courses. All instructors at the center are active clinicians and bring a great amount of experience to the programme to ensure that participants are always receiving the highest quality and up-to-date medical training.

In response to COVID-19, Al Awasi launched several business initiatives to support workers, start-ups and fellow health care professionals in operating safely and adequately during the pandemic.

As the healthcare sector had to increase their capacity when the virus broke out, more inexperienced providers had to step in to take care of patients.
To address this problem, the Al Awasi team developed several learning recources on infection, prevention and control of the virus, among with training on how to use other medical tools to diagnose the virus due to the shortage of testing kits. All the healthcare providers in Sudan can access different CO-VID19 courses anywhere, at any time for free to develop their skills and knowledge through the online Al Awasi Academy.

Furthermore, they reached out to start-up businesses to offer them online training on COVID-19 awareness, how to operate safely and how to cope mentally with the current circumstances. Because not all critical workers have access to the internet Al Awasi also organised on-site training for them while maintaining social distance and wearing masks.

Apart from the initiatives mentioned above, the team is also launching a campaign to train one hundred businesses for free on how to operate safely during CO-VID19 and they are working with healtcare manufacturers to make all needed equipment such as gloves and face masks largely available.

We applaud Dr. Alaibaid and the Al Awasi team in the many ways that they are effectively aiding the Sudanese health sector in fighting the corona virus. We are proud to see Orange Corners entrepreneurs actively striving towards making a nation-wide impact in health care during these challenging times. Keep up the great work!

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