Who: Dieudonne Kwame Agudah of WashKing
Theme: Health & Sanitation, SDG 6

Whereas the topic of fecal is somewhat under-discussed, proper sanitation is a huge environmental and sanitary challenge in Africa.

UNICEF estimates that 62% of Africans lack access to adequate sanitation. In Ghana only 15% of people have access to good sanitation. Time for the Washking to step in.

Dieudonne Kwame Agudah is a social entrepreneur, an environmentalist and an adventurer with love for learning new things. But above all: he is on a mission to empower more than 400.000 underserved and low-income people with access to improved sanitation facilities.

Dieudonne Kwame Agudah

WASHKing is a social sanitation enterprise providing low-income and underserved communities with access to sustainable sanitation products at an affordable price. Their eco-friendly, accessible and smart biodigester toilets aim to end open defecation and improve poor sanitation challenges in low-income urban communities in Ghana. WASHKing produces, supplies and installs high-quality biodigester toilets, made of a sub-structure known as biodigester and privy, using locally available materials and trained artisans. The technology uses an on-site toilet treatment system which separates effluent and turns it into safe water for agriculture or landscaping. Flexible payment terms, training on hygiene and after-sales services, and technical and vocational education and training on high-in-demand skills along the sanitation value chain complement the package. WASHKing brings a unique and innovative solution that integrates measures of environmental, social and economic benefits and produces related positive impacts simultaneously.

The Washking team is aiming for the moon, but with currently over 500 toilets built annually and over 40 jobs created we fully believe they have what it takes to make a difference.

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