Who: Sarah Ladouy, founder of Rais’EAU

Theme: SDG 6: Access to water, SDG 11: Sustainable Consumption and production patterns and SDG 12

Access to water is a persistent issue that the current pandemic has once again laid bare. Around the world, one in three people do not have access to drinkable water. Furthermore, two in five people are not able to wash their hands with clean water to protect themselves from COVID-19 and other viruses. Yet simultaneously, billions of liters of water are wasted daily.

This paradox is a topic for high debate and at many universities. Sara Ladouy, an entrepreneur from Orange Corners Morocco included this topic in her PhD research for her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in water and energy. While researching solar desalination, Sara discovered an innovative way to increase the production of solar distillation systems, which allows solar stills to distill more wastewater. This led to her filing her first patent in the field of water and marked the start of her journey in the pursuit of responsible water consumption by creating the Rais’EAU.

Rais’EAU is a startup that fights water wastage through production sale and installation of its technologies aimed at recycling wastewater in households and public spaces in an environmentally friendly and cost efficient manner. Through its operations, Rais’EAU is contributing to the creation of responsible consumption and production patterns, access to water and sanitation and inclusive and resilient cities.
The recycling of wasted water at the source provides an affordable and effective solution to save drinking water, limit water consumption and reduce wastewater in need of treatment and disposal. Rais’EAU achieves this through its technology that recycles wastewater from places like sinks and reuses it in an environmentally responsible manner. During the current pandemic, Rais’EAU is contributing by aiming to save water in public toilets by recycling the water from washbasins where water traffic is high. The startup hereby contributes to SDG 6, 11 and 12.

Currently, Rais’EAU is at the start of its success and still in the phase of creation with one patent pending. However, they are already serving B2C clients and have nearly landed their first B2B client. With 4 MVPs, one product ready to market and many simple technologies still in the pipeline Rais’EAU has a bright future ahead. Having already saved 500 M3 of drinkable water in less than 9 months we are certain of the future impact towards more sustainable water consumption!

We applaud Sara for creating such an innovative way to tackle this global issue and contributing directly to her environment. We wish her a lot of luck in her future endeavors with this project!

Kingdom of the Netherlands