LOVE OUR CITY KLEAN – Keitumetsi & Jeffrey Magwaza

Who: Keitumetsi and Zwelihle Magwaza, Azeezah Nakhooda

Theme: Climate Action, SDG 13

Love Our City Klean (LOCK) is a waste management company focused on education and awareness. The aim is to create an integrated waste management plan in the inner city while creating jobs, education, zero-waste to landfill in Johannesburg by 2025 and environmental awareness.

Co-founders Keitumetsi and Zwelihle Magwaza are creatives from Johannesburg with a passion for the environment, a believe in collaboration and love for and community building.

“Our company initiates projects and activities to spread awareness about recycling in the city and keeping it clean, while working together as a community. By doing creative things, we aim to bring back our neighborhoods to the state we want to see them in. The Spring Klean project was initiated in 2019 with a range of activities identified and focus projects to start with. We took part in the Makersway Project in the Makers valley. We organised community klean ups, had public space workshops, created a competition and a story for the afterschool programs in the valley.”

This year the company has upscaled with new partners and a collaboration with Victoria Yards, turning them to a first ZeroWaste to Landfill retail space in Johannesburg. The team is building a true recycling hub in ‘the makers valley’, one of their communities. Here people are educated about separating waste and bring in their waste to be recycled. In return, people receive points that can be spend in the community swap shop. The shop is run by Sbonelo.

We salute you team, keep building for a better world!

Kingdom of the Netherlands