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Orange Corners Nigeria

Our ambition is to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nigeria. This ecosystem should enable youth to develop their business concept and become successful entrepreneurs, by providing them with the necessary opportunities, skills and access to markets.

Through Orange Corners we provide young entrepreneurs with a 6-month incubation progamme. At the same time, Orange Corners serves as a bridge between these innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector. This offers a great benefit to all partners involved. Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with a local service provider.

What we offer

You have the business idea. We have everything else you need. Together we create the future.

Because Orange Corners is more than a place; more than a training; and more than a community – it is an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem which transforms a young person with an idea into a business providing value.

Here, you will discover the entrepreneur in you, to redefine and shape your future. You will gain more self-confidence, gain access to the knowledge, tools and resources to leverage your business ideas. You will be connected to a network of entrepreneurs, the market and new opportunities.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration between Orange Corners and local, national and international partners such as FATE Foundation.

Our goal

Nigeria has a significant underutilisation of its youth population with staggering levels of youth unemployment and underemployment (above 60%). Therefore, this growing issue provides the opportunity to leverage the passion of the youth, innovation, technology and entrepreneurial mindset to add value to the economy.

However, from our experience, we understand that young businesses have problems surviving the first five years because they lack the knowledge and fostering environment necessary to transition from a concept to reality.

Therefore, our objective is to contribute to the creation of a prosperous and robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nigeria where young people can develop needed competencies, become more confident and take advantage of networks and opportunities they were ignorant about to provide value to the Nigerian economy through viable, growing and sustainable businesses.

Apply for Orange Corners Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian young person, between the ages of 18 – 35? Have you seen a problem or issue that is really just an opportunity? Do you have an idea or solution that you are not quite sure how to articulate or implement but you’re passionate about and willing to see it through?

Then, Orange Corners is the place for you.

Find your own path and build your own business, starting at Orange Corners by applying below:


Orange Corners Nigeria |  Lagos, Nigeria |

FATE Foundation, 1st Floor, Lagos Water Building, Ijora, Lagos, Nigeria


In order to meet the selection criteria you must be:

  • An aspiring entrepreneurs from Lagos, Nigeria
  • Under 35 years old
  • Validated innovative business concept, not more than <2 years old
  • The product or service responds to a local challenge in Nigeria
  • The product or service relates to the Sustainable Development Goals

Budding entrepreneurs will be selected based on the:

  • Innovativeness
  • Feasibility
  • Social Impact
  • Clarity of Market
  • Sustainability & Scalability of the business idea
  • Competence of the entrepreneur/team

All Applications must be through the sign up link on the website.

Application for Orange Corners Lagos open on [ May 1, 2019] and must be completed and submitted before the deadline, [ May 21, 2019]

This program will not only provide the foundational entrepreneurial knowledge, tools and resources needed to transform an idea into a business but will also make available the networks and support needed for sustainable growth of the business.

There are varity of benefits the program will offer you of which the most important ones are:

  • Workshops
  • An inspiring co-working space
  • Business advice
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Masterclasses
  • Networking events

fter the review process which will require interviews, successful applicants will be contact via emails.

The first incubation Orange Corners Nigeria programme starts in July 2019. If you are selected you will receive further information.

This first batch of the 6 months program will be covered as scholarships by the Dutch Government. Signing up is free.

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