On 2 November 2020, the Youth at Heart Virtual Forum took place. This was exciting virtual event organised by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs where several interesting and pressing Youth-related topics were discussed. During the event 1700+ participants from over 100 countries joined 23 sessions that over 75 organisations have organised.

In the run-up to this event, Orange Corners organised several virtual pre-sessions on several relevant Youth topics in the week before the main event.

Check out some key-take outs of these sessions below:

Female entrepreneurship: The key to global economic development

1-  Cultural barriers need to be bridged, they are persistent and require several cultural shifts.

2- Education institutes need to implement and improve entrepreneurship education from a young age.

3- There is a need for a contextual approach to solving the barriers for female entrepreneurship

Green and social enterprises in the MENA-region

1-  Social entrepreneurship should be the norm as it provides more inclusive solutions

2- A Green MENA can be achieved through collaboration and partnership

3- We need to look for solutions tailored to the communities

Bridging the finance gap for young entrepreneurs in West Africa

1- governments and financial institutions need to do more to support young entrepreneurs financially

2- Entrepreneurship education needs to be improved in order to improve the investment readiness of startups

National Startup policies, the role of youth & the international community

1- Practical and inclusive policies need to consider the voices of the youth

2- Young people need to be included in policy making process start to finish

3- Policy for youth which is not understood by the youth is bad policy

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