Orange Corners ends 2023 with graduations all across the network

As 2023 draws to a close, many of our Orange Corners hubs are rounding off their activities for the year. And traditionally at Orange Corners, we do this with a festive graduation ceremony – celebrating six months of hard work and dedication.

The first programme to finish this year was Orange Corners Algeria. Rounding off our partnership with ASCE, 20 entrepreneurs from cohort 3 were given the chance to present their products and services during Demo Day.

Orange Corners Algeria

In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Orange Corners Erbil implementing partner mselect gathered all entrepreneurs from their six cohorts for a grand, grand graduation. An exciting event, that will certainly be talked about for a while!

Orange Corners Erbil

Orange Corners Côte d’Ivoire combined the graduations of cohort 7 and 8. During a ceremony in Abidjan, the newly graduated entrepreneurs received their certificate of participation. And for the very best entrepreneurs of each cohort, OCIF funding was also available. Adding to the festivate mood, Orange Corners Côte d’Ivoire private partner Brassivoire awarded the Brassivoire Award for Social Impact Entrepreneur to Stéphane Badou (MyClean CI) from cohort 4.

In Angola, Orange Corners Angola implementing partner GP finished their journey with Orange Corners with the graduation of cohort 5 and 6.

Orange Corners Angola

Time flies! Orange Corners Mozambique celebrated cohort 11 already. And the ideaialab team is by no means planning to leave it at that: they will continue to implement Orange Corners locally for the next five years.

Orange Corners Mozambique
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