Orange Corners Algeria is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands implemented by Sylabs. We support young Algerian entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and unlocking the next level.

Through the acceleration programme, we support young male and female Algerian entrepreneurs with technical assistance, mentorship, business development, masterclasses, and acces to funding. We seek to provide a supportive environment in which your business can thrive.

Engaging in our activities offers a unique platform for exchanging experiences, expanding your professional network, and enriching your knowledge base.

Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands that provides young entrepreneurs across Africa, Asia and the Middle East with the necessary training, mentorship, network, funding and facilities to start and grow their businesses.

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What Orange Corners can offer you

  • Skills empowerment

    Engage in high-quality, tailored workshops and training sessions meticulously crafted to empower you with the skills needed to overcome obstacles hindering your business growth. Our comprehensive approach includes thought-provoking training, workshops, masterclasses, and personalised one-on-one sessions. These sessions are dedicated not only to founders but, in some cases, extend to their teams.

  • Access to funding

    The standout projects within the programme gain access to our investment readiness programme, opening doors to both direct and indirect funding opportunities.

  • Technical assistance

    Our approach is designed to address the specific needs, challenges and growth opportunities of businesses, providing them with the necessary support for their development journey.

  • National and international network

    Broaden your professional connections and cultivate partnerships that have the potential to unlock new business opportunities and foster growth. Gain access to the extensive networks of Sylabs and the Netherlands Embassy in Algeria.


  • How can I participate?

    Application forms will be available on our website when each six-month period starts.

  • When can I apply?

    Submit your application before the deadline.

  • What are the selection criteria?

    To be part of the journey, here are the key criteria:

    Founders’ Dedication

    • Must be Algerian
    • Commitment to the company/startup (not as a side activity) and active involvement in the programme

    Formal registration
    If you’re not registered yet; we welcome aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow in a formal way!

    Note :
    We don’t select participants based on their educational background, region, or preferred language. We believe in equal opportunities for all!

  • Which sectors are eligible for the acceleration programme?

    Your companies/startups must be in one of the following sectors:

    • Category 01 – Technology & digital transformation, e.g.: healthcare, e-commerce, mobility, industry, logistics, legal, etc
    • Category 02 – Sustainable development, e.g.: sustainable and healthy food production, recycling, circular economy, water, renewable energy, etc.
    • Category 03 – Agriculture
    • Category 04 – Impact, e.g.: education, inclusion, etc.
  • Is the programme open to other cities outside of Algiers?

    Absolutely! We strongly encourage entrepreneurs from all cities to apply.

    If you are selected, your accommodation expenses will be covered by the programme for attendance at onsite activities in Algeria.
    In some cases, if there’s a significant number of entrepreneurs in a specific city, we might even bring the programme to your doorstep!

  • Do you need to have a specific degree?

    Absolutely not! We encourage participants from all educational backgrounds and levels. If you possess the right skills to initiate and advance your business, creating a meaningful impact, we are here to support and empower you on your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Does it cost anything to participate?

    If you are selected, all we ask for is your commitment to your company/startup, prioritizing both their development and active participation in program activities. Rest assured, no fees are requested.

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Orange Corners Algeria | 25 Bd ZIGHOUT Youcef, Alger Centre 16000, Algeria | [email protected]
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