OC Connect Days participants explore BlueCity

Final stop on our Rotterdam ecosystem tour was BlueCity, an extraordinary hub for innovation housed in a repurposed tropical swimming pool. This unique space is home to a diverse array of pioneering Dutch startups, primarily focused on the circular economy. Among these, Fruitleather stands out with its innovative approach to transforming fruit waste into sustainable leather alternatives. Renowned mushroom company RotterZwam, which uses coffee grounds to produce oyster mushrooms and snacks, also started its journey here.

During our visit, we embarked on an insightful tour of BlueCity, gaining a deeper understanding of the innovative businesses that occupy this vibrant space. Each startup we encountered exemplified the ingenuity and forward-thinking spirit that defines BlueCity. As we walked through this creative environment, we saw firsthand how BlueCity fosters collaboration and sustainability, making it a cornerstone of Rotterdam’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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